THE WEATHER with Diana Lang – August 20, 2019

4 thoughts on “THE WEATHER with Diana Lang – August 20, 2019

  1. Heide Boyden

    Hello Diana, I saved this to listen to when I had some SPACE and it finally arrived with a detail of company leaving the house. Thank you for this encouragement. My heart has been feeling quite heavy and I needed the words to remind me that I must be courageous. Lion hearted.

    1. Diana Lang Post author

      Hi Heide, I think everyone is feeling a little dis-couraged these days. You are so not alone in this. It is time for the deep feminine to rise to help make the correction that our world so sorely needs. I’m starting a woman’s circle in September, partly in response to this. We need the feminine perspective and we need each other right now.

  2. kenneth delange

    I have been listening to your guided meditations for two years now and I just love them. They are so calming, centering and simple. I feel so refreshed and always look forward to the next time. Like drinking from a cool spring. So refreshing.


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