Meditations on SOUNDCLOUD

It takes just about one minute to do this.
I put these out as a gift of service. There is no charge to listen to these meditations.
They are completely free.

TO LISTEN to Diana’s meditations just
DOWNLOAD the Soundcloud app on your computer, or iphone, or both.
REGISTER with a user name and password.
SEARCH for > Diana Lang
FOLLOW (subscribe) to Diana Lang
and VOILA, you will see several hundred meditations there.

This is the direct link:

You never need to sign in or out.  Just leave it ON and anytime you touch the soundcloud button the meditations will be there and ongoingly updated.  Like in an hour or two, the full moon from this morning will be up there!  It’s totally cool.

Below are a few meditations to listen to here. There are hundreds more on Diana’s SoundCloud page.  To see the complete list, CLICK HERE.

and another for these times . . . PEACE BREATH World Service Meditation

A meditation for today
BY YOUR LOVE – World Healing Meditation
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