All Blessings to All Beings


Take a breath.

You see? You are already changing. Feel your exhalation move down and through your heart all the way to your feet. The moment you take a conscious breath your energy begins to shift and return to your True Self. I hope you will explore my site: my blog, the events and classes, and other offerings of all kinds, including meditations you can listen to right now.

Round Meditation ButtonThink of this place like a little virtual sanctuary on the internet where you can remember your heart’s purpose and grow your spiritual consciousness – breath by breath. And feel free to write me, and share your questions and experiences in your meditation practice.

all blessings,

Diana Sig



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Diana’s book, OPENING TO MEDITATION is now available in paperback with bonus material!

“Diana Lang’s gift is her simplicity. She has the courage to demystify meditation and make it easily accessible, and she infuses her book with warmth, clarity, and gentleness. This is a fine and open-minded introduction to meditation that should suit many people of different persuasions.”
— Andrew Weiss,
author of Beginning Mindfulness