Astrology3Astrology is a long-established method of exploring ourselves, our relationships and our place within the world based on our very first  breath.

The chart is created by taking an astronomical snapshot of the sky at the exact moment of birth, at the longitude and latitude of the place we were born, and a chart is then erected that creates a symbolic two-dimensional map of the sky based on that exact place, date and time.

This creates what is called a horoscope based on the exact positions of the Sun, the Moon and all the planets in our galaxy and their unique geometrical relationships. Each horoscope is absolutely unique. Each one is like a fingerprint that is who you are.

Using your horoscope, you can see your life’s purpose and begin to fulfill that purpose to create a more harmonious and meaningful life.

– $500 for Full Reading and Chart Construction with Tranists and Progressions.

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