doublecloudsBe in wonder of the changes
Be in awe of your movement
And your non-movement
Be in wonder at the process of life
As life unfolds
Even within a day
Even within a breath
It is unfolding in all kinds of convolutions
From the essence of us

And each convolution
good, bad, good, bad, good, bad, good, bad
Are reflections
Like our shadow
Or our light
Of where we are
Right now.

And when you can stand in awe of this process
vs. egoic evaluation
This process becomes sacred.

It is so tempting to measure where we are
To something, to someone else, to some artificial time frame
Like a date on a calendar
It is so tempting to measure and compare
Ourselves to ourselves
Or to each other
Or to someone else’s standard
When all that the soul is showing us
Is our next step
In perfect timing to the life.


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© Diana Lang 2015

4 thoughts on “Excerpt from AWE AND WONDER MEDITATION

  1. Angela Hite

    I am always so amazed and thrilled when I hear some of the concepts rolling around in my head come out in your meditations. Shadows and light have been whirling in my thoughts, too! And I love the idea of watching in awe! A new piece of the revelation! Thank you, as always, dear Diana!

    1. jewelspullen

      You’re website is amazing! I understand the reference to measuring to the calendar; it’s so easy to do and has a form of constriction. And you’re right, the soul does reveal the path, if only we listen.
      The big, fluffy clouds are so mesmerizing to me. Love, love it!

      1. Diana Lang Post author

        Thank you, so much Jewels! I’m so thrilled with the website. Thanks to my incredible team of Angela Hite and Dwight Clarke. I am so very happy you found your way here! And thank you for thoughts. I appreciate it. love, Diana


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