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As many of you know, I am a lifelong astrologer, and there is some good news in the sky these days, and I wanted to share. Mercury has been retrograde for the last 3 weeks and it goes direct tomorrow evening, a semi-minor occurrence, as this occurs at least three times a year for about 3 weeks every year. (Though, it gets interesting when the retrograde crosses important points and planets on your chart, and in that case, it can be a very big deal!) Mostly, however, these things come and go like a little frisky wind moving through the life. It is always good, in a wake up and smell the coffee kind of way. Tomorrow, Thursday, Mercury goes direct. If you have noticed little miscommunications or misfires of efforts, the tides will begin to turn now. Wonderfully, it’s also a new moon. Think of this like a little breath of really fresh air. Like a morning where the house is warm and you open up the windows to allow the cool fresh air of winter to come blowing through, brisk, revitalizing and renewing. There is, as always, so much I could say about all of this, but see if this little celestial weather report opens up a corresponding window in your awareness for a new beginning and some bright, clear, clean, forward moving energy in your life.

love, Diana

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  1. Sharon

    This is very mystic, Diana. I was down and feeling very unproductive and “stuck” yesterday, and this morning I started paying attention to my breathing and feeling clearer. Must have been the Mercury re-direct. Thank you!

    1. Diana Lang Post author

      Love that, Sharon. There has been some dissonance in the day as the two convergent forces came together, but it is already resolving as the night is unfolding. Mercury went direct at 1:22 this afternoon. The moon is new at 11:22 tonight. Note the interesting number correlation.

  2. Michael Sullivan

    Hi Diana

    Greetings from Perth in Western Australia again.Reasonably cool for the time of year as we have just left Spring and are in early Summer now.
    Thank you for your Astronomical and Astrological Observations. Yes.
    My mood and way of being have been up and down a bit of late too.
    We have the Southern Cross here and the 2 Pointer Stars as well as the 3 Sisters ! in the Night Sky.

    Interesting what you have noted. Funny that Pi is 22 over 7 as well.

    Perhaps that tells us something …..

    Have a wonderful,happy,joyful and peaceful Christmas season !!!

    Michael ()

    1. Diana Lang Post author

      Hi Michael, what a nice letter to get! Thank you! I love that the stars we see are different at the same time of the year! The universe is humbling and awesome. Someday I will see your stars.
      Love x pi,

  3. Bea

    Hi Diana,

    beautiful thoughts on the subject, reminds me of my childhood when we talked a lot with Mum about the night sky, thank you for bringing back nice memories 🙂




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