on the election energies

the beginning is near

This is what I was thinking about today.

All of this media hyperbole about the election reminds me of Y2K.

Remember the rampant fear about the year 2000?  For a full year “they” said all the computers and clocks and auto-anything’s would spontaneously turn off at the strike of midnight, and the world would be destroyed by malfunctioning computers, satellites and cell phones.

And then came Dec 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar and the end of the world.

And, nothing happened.

Nothing happened at all.

Trump feels like that.


2 thoughts on “on the election energies

  1. Corliss Blue

    I feel that it’s the Universe just giving all of us another WAKE UP call. Let’s not push the snooze button any longer.
    Stay awake. Stay in love.

    1. Diana Lang Post author

      Exactly, Corliss. There is so much fear out there. We need to keep our center and our heart’s centered. It takes discipline and courage to face these rampant fears. It’s been crazy out there.


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