New Moon Thoughts

It’s Earth Day and a new moon tonight. Just happened at 7:26 pm, pacific time. It’s a great big grand square. No surprise there. We all know it’s been rough out there.

Here’s my advice for right now. Whilst all this disarray is certainly occurring, there is also a gorgeous trine from Venus to Mars in air signs. Stay up and above the fray of the very messy (and needed) reality that is changing everything. We are going to come out of this mostly ok, and hopefully different. The opportunity here is a real change in our world. It is happening. Now. What’s been talked about for a thousand years is happening. These are the times. And WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for. A new world is emerging.

10 thoughts on “New Moon Thoughts

  1. Marc Allen

    Yes! And I want to keep hearing everything you have to say. You make a very important contribution to the world

  2. Kim Speth

    Thank you Diana~
    I had a zoom meeting with former students of mine who were studying fashion in NY but back in CA now.
    They were really down and I told them not to worry because on the other side of this it will be the creatives who will guide this new world.

    1. Diana Lang Post author

      It’s really true, Kim. Everyone is mostly in a highly agitated state. But you know, it’s all yoga. Breathe through it. Gain the gifts within the contraction, the discomfort. We can grow this way. And heal ourselves and our world.


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